"Marybeth is an ethical, attention to detail, and enthusiastic legal counsel professional. I knew that I could approach her with any legal question and receive a discrete and competent council. It was a pleasure to be on the same team as her and would highly recommend her."


"In working with Marybeth, I am always assured that our company's best interests are represented, with the highest regard for meeting legal requirements. Marybeth takes the time to explain and help others understand all the information surrounding her legal council. Marybeth is a real pleasure to work with!"


"I worked with Marybeth in her capacity as General Counsel and Director of Contracts for ADG. During our time working together, I found that Marybeth consistently gave comprehensive, yet practical advice on a variety of matters, from contract negotiation and interpretation to labor and employment and intellectual property issues. Her efforts were invaluable in successfully negotiating and navigating the intricate domain of federal government contracts. Marybeth works hard for her clients - and will do all she can to help executive leaders find solutions to the difficult problems they face in today’s business environment."


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marybeth. Marybeth is a dedicated professional who continuously provided her extensive knowledge and expertise on corporate legal policies, contracts, reports, and in all aspects of company support, leadership and compliance. She excelled in all of her responsibilities within the company. Her work ethic is extraordinary, she gets the job done and her attention to detail is impeccable. She has excellent communication skills and works well individually or in a team environment. I would highly recommend Marybeth!"


"I had the pleasure to work hand in hand with Marybeth, who supported our wholly-owned subsidiary TexelTek as their long-time General Counsel. Marybeth is a very confident, intelligent and professional attorney, who has demonstrated an ability to see all sides of an issue and drive it to a successful and timely resolution in a practical fashion. She is a candid and insightful person and a valued advisor."


"Marybeth is a highly ethical, seasoned lawyer with expertise in Government Contracting and export compliance (ITAR). She is focused and dedicated to providing sound legal advice and guidance to Senior Corporate Management. Her analytical and assessment skills along with her knowledge of contract law would prove an asset for any corporation."


"The first word that comes to mind when I think of Marybeth is dependable. Marybeth has extreme attention to detail, acute legal knowledge, and possesses exceptional business savvy."


"Marybeth is the consummate professional and a tremendous asset for the company. It was a pleasure to work with her and her counsel was always professional and accurate. Marybeth would research any issue that she was not thoroughly familiar with in order to provide guidance that was complete, correct and concise. She would consider all sides of the situation and was able to insure that the best course of action was chosen. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Marybeth again."


"During my time at TexelTek Marybeth and I collaborated on IT Policy on a normal and reoccurring basis. She enabled our IT department to move forward with our projects by providing legal counsel on numerous IT-related contractual agreements that were vital to the success of our organization. Her guidance and ability to understand the IT Departments' goals and needs was very helpful during a time of rapid growth of the company. It was a pleasure to work with someone who shares a passion for the operational support of the company."


"While working with Marybeth for two and a half years, I came to her with numerous contract and compliance questions. The efficiency and effectiveness in which she was able to provide sound guidance, continually proved her ability as a superior leader and legal counsel. She is a professional in every sense of the word and is a valuable asset to any team she is a part of."


"Marybeth's legal background and experience was instrumental in the incorporation and execution of export compliance into her organization. She has strong communication skills and the ability to bring together the right people together to get the job done."


"Marybeth was an excellent coworker and provided sound legal advice during employee relations concerns. She always acted in a solid professional manner and was nothing short of the objective. Her legal counsel was always airtight because she looked at the situation from all angles. I would certainly work with Marybeth again in the future and strongly endorse her accomplishments."


"As a System Engineer at Texeltek, I was often given legal agreements to review for licenses as well as service contracts. Marybeth provided crucial information and input to these contracts so that the Information Technology team was able to get the services they required while still protecting the company. She often made time to provide one-on-one information to help me understand the complexities of certain contracts and where our liabilities as an IT team were."



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